Full Circle Artisan's Gallery is located in a quaint village in 

Cornish, Maine and has a wonderful selection of handcrafted items to provide you with unique and affordable gifts, jewelry, decorative accessories home décor and furniture.   



From Brownfield, Maine, Keller has over 30 years of experience creating dynamic and bold 2D and 3D art. He paints in a detailed realistic style, experiments with visual abstraction, and is equally comfortable painting with an airbrush on paper and canvas as he is on motorcycles and cars. 

I have always loved science fiction since I saw the Disney version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea in 1955 or 1956. I read the novel several times after that, and again in 2009 when I made my first successful 31 inch model of the Disney version of Captain Nemo's Nautilus. ( I have created 12 other versions of this ship so far). The novel published by The Naval Institute Press is the most concise translation, which I also read twice last year. I also have a book written by a retired Nuclear Submarine engineer and Navy Officer detailing his modern insights and experience into the possible build of this sea craft first written Jules Verne in 1870. He found, with some modern ship building techniques, this could be a real vessel.

I have also drawn and painted most of my life including the use of airbrushes in the late 70's to make realistic face, figure and lanscape paintings.

"Rocket Ship Galileo" by Robert Heinlein published in the early 50's and the "Flash Gordon" 1936 serial movies also spun my head and interest into all forms of sci-fy books and movies. I started making those early versions of rocket ships, submarines, and steam power Starships and steam power balloon ships in the mid '70's and continue up to today. Reading the novels and watching the movies opened up my mind to the

wonders of science and the possibilities science fiction. I love what I do.  


The art that I create represents every day objects. I find clarity in taking a seemingly simple functional form and elevating that form to a higher work of art. Different elements are carved or turned on a lathe to create one larger sculpture. Many are functional and some pieces are purely sculptural, just to display and enjoy. My main medium is now metal. In the past I’ve enjoyed working with wood as well as bronze. A thread of whimsy seems to weave its way through all my work.

​Rik Phillips has been a sculptor for thirty years. The first twenty years were spent learning various techniques on how to manipulate metals of all kinds, including steel, copper and bronze. His sculpture ranges from six or seven inches to fifteen or twenty feet. Recently Rik has been taking a journey with various woods. His techniques are wood turning and positive and negative sculpture. Rik’s works are in collections across the nation and one sculpture is a “state treasure” in New Hampshire. Rik’s work has a number of influences including Japanese art, nature and even some ‘pop culture’. Rik weaves a little joy, a lot of sculptural ‘know how’ and a dash of humor in his work.​

Sabrina Thiemke - Silkscreen printer

"Sabrina Thiemke is a silkscreen printer that works out of her studio in southern Maine. Her​ designs reflect her love for the outdoors and her passion for a sustainable lifestyle. Using environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, compostable plastic, and eco-friendly inks are a large part of what the business represents.

On days when Sabrina is not working in the studio, you can find her hiking in the mountains or exploring different bodies of water in her kayak." 

Karen Gola

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the historic center of glassmaking in America. I have been deeply interested in glass since childhood and have been creating works of glass for over 36 years. I am proud of my Czech heritage, a land where world renowned glass art has been created since the Middle Ages.

With degrees in Psychology and Civil Engineering, my work life has ranged from teaching autistic children to managing the construction of interstate bridges. I am now pursuing my love of working with glass full time.

I am a member of the Maine Craft Association, the Maine Craft Guild and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, America’s oldest juried craft organization. My work can be found in Great Britain, France and Canada, as well as across the United States.

My studio is located in Sanford, Maine. 

Sue Melanson – Watercolor Artist and other various mediums

Having virtually no previous art training I stumbled into a watercolor class with Kit Linnell in 2008 and have been painting ever since, including many of the Cornish Apple Festival posters. I also get satisfaction by repurposing windows, frames and glassware into hanging artwork - no two ever the same.

Anne Foley, Unique Handbuilt Pottery

My connections to the earth began from a young age when I loved to play in the dirt making mudpies (much to my mother’s chagrin). As an adult I have been fortunate to be able to continue my connection to the earth through my work with clay. After becoming mesmerized by watching my first pottery wheel demonstration, I began my journey learning to throw clay on the wheel. I became proficient at wheel thrown production pottery, but once I connected with clay through handbuilding coiling, slab work, etc. I felt a strong reconnection to my youth and my memories of making mudpies.

Clay speaks to me through my hands. My work is a collaboration with the earth where the clay often leads me in a direction I couldn’t have imagined on my own. I feel a connection to peoples from ancient times, who used the same handbuilding techniques to create their pots that I use today. I like that my handbuilt pieces are not “perfect” and show the marks where my fingers have guided the clay into its final form. I’ve been fortunate to be able to learn techniques from great teachers wherever I’ve worked and lived, starting with Wesleyan Potters in CT and currently at Mudflat Studios in MA.

I like to create open space, color, and texture in my pieces. My pots all have a functional, playful purpose that mirrors who I am. Working with clay brings me peace and joy each time I return to the earth to negotiate with the clay pieces I can share with others.

Bridget Powers: Jewelry Designer

Bridget is a lifelong learner, always following the path of curiosity to explore new creative ventures to balance her work in public schools as a speech/language pathologist. Bridget enjoys attending art classes or workshop, but learns primarily through experimentation and self-study. Her art is always changing, evolving and improving. She has explored various mediums including printmaking, paper marbling, paper quilling, photography, paste paper making, painting, drawing, metal work and more! Bridget enjoys taking a creative process and adapting it to make it her own as with her foam plate printing on traditional floor cloths, marbling on various objects and surfaces, and paint pouring jewelry. Bridget follows the flow of interest and curiosity to always try and make new things. Bridget lives in Plymouth, NH, with her husband Greg and has two grown children.


Lynn is a creative and versatile artist who loves working with fabrics, fiber and wood. Color and texture as well as functionality inform her creations which range from harnesses and leashes to custom bags and purses to felted sculptures and landscapes. Lynn is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, has lived and traveled all over the United States. Maine has been her home for nearly 40 years. Lynn has three adult children and one grandchild. Lynn and her husband, Robert, moved from Portland to Cornish in 2018.

Aaron Justin Eddy – Painting

I’ve been doing art since grade school at Bevearly School for the Deaf and continued in college at Rochester institution of Technology majoring in Fine Art Photography. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography degree in 2000. From 2002 to 2008 I’ve been in an artistic hiatus. Then in 2008 I’ve developed my personal style starting out as a doodling papers for a intelligent disabled client’s activity- doodling outlines of an abstract cartoons for this client with severe Obsessional Compulsive Disorders to fill in with paint. That was the seed idea, just fill in the sections. The first 2 pieces was done in chalk pastel then the first acrylic painting in my personal style was completed in 2010 based on filling in the sections but I also added something I’ve always loved- soft color gradations as a counterbalance to the hard edges.

I’m inspired by Picasso, Georgia O’Keefee, Peter Max, Maxfeild Parrish, Bella, Bridget Riley, and Victor Vasareily. Inspired by Art Nouveau, Cubism and Op (optical) Art. 

Ginger Proulx – Soap Making

I’ve been making and selling soap for 8 years when I did have a goat farm. When I discovered how easy it was to make with the hot process method my creativity kicked in! The different scent combinations seemed to be an addiction once I kept getting ideas and ordering more scents. A few years later I experimented with colors which gave them a new dimension. Felting came a few years later and that opened up a whole new creative avenue to experiment with color. 

Kay Sparrow – Designs by Sparrow

I was very fortunate to go to a high school that allowed me to work in many different mediums. I had intended to be a chef when I grew up, but after sitting at a pottery wheel freshman year I knew this was it for me. I had my first show and was doing commissioned artwork junior year.

Mediums with an S not just one! If you have met me in person or seen me at any show you know it’s not just pottery or jewelry. I draw, I paint, I crochet and knit, I quilt and I build things. I’ve never restricted myself to just one medium, however day today my regular business is pottery, jewelry and commissioned portrait drawings.A bit of anything in any day can be inspiring the rhubarb leaf series for example stems from making strawberry rhubarb pie growing up with my family. The pottery, the jewelry the art I make, anything that I create it's just part of me.

Kemorox – Jewelry Designers

For us - it is all about color & texture. As rockhounds -something we have been doing for 20 years- we hike the Arizona desert and the shores of Nova Scotia to find stones that will lend themselves to our signature pendents.

Our craft has been an evolutionary process.

In each of our one of a kind jewelry creations we incorporate different materials, textures, techniques and colors. In addition to our stone pendents - we make earrings using silver, copper and brass and a variety of bracelets and multi texture necklaces. We have begun to do weavings incorporating some of the same techniques and textures. We consider the Full Circle Gallery our home. We have been with the Gallery since.

Member of United Maine Craftsmen You can also find us at a variety of shows throughout the year. We hope you enjoy - jewelry as art

Corey Lane – Custom Frame Designer

Corey has been custom framing for over 15 years. She enjoys working with reclaimed wood with a focus on the texture and grain of every board when crafting moulding which makes each frame, weather a custom order or standard size, unique.  

Su Richards – Fiber Artist

I started knitting in my 30's- which is fairly late. Right away my brain started to create designs as I knit. Often I would not know what was going to develop until it did! from my brain to the needles. I started selling what I knit in my 40's ; doing shows & Wool festivals. I joined the Full Circle Gallery as soon as it opened! It is a fabulous venue for all artists!

I knit for the joy of it, for the knowledge that someone else will be warm, feel loved, kept cozy. I also dye, & spin fiber into yarn as well. That part is just fun- to see the colors develop &, then spin the yarn to my own desires. I prefer working with wool & wool blends-I acknowledge that i am a yarn snob! I am a Fiber Artist.


I have always liked to create things whether its with beads, yarn or other mediums. I am obsessed with bead weaving and I get excited with each new piece I make!

My family is my inspiration as many of them receive pieces made especially for them. I love seeing someone wearing one of my pieces and hope it brings a little happiness and sparkle to their day.

Hiram is my home and where I create all of my pieces with passion. 

Andree Benoist – Watercolor Artist

Andree Benoist, life long resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey, began painting with watercolor later in life. She has studied with New Jersey artist Donald Voorhees, and more recently with Charles Reid, Alvaro Castagnet, and Daniel Marshall through their workshops.

Andree finds inspiration for her work along the Jersey Shore and in the Foothills of the White Mountains of Maine where she has a home. Her paintings reflect her feelings about her experiences and observations and strive to show what it was like at a particular moment.

Peggy Nichols Lee – Jewelry Designer

Peggy is the owner and operator of Silver Teardrops. For many years, jewelry making had been her passion and hobby, while working full-time, and raising two children with her husband in Auburn, Maine.

After her husband's death, Peggy turned to jewelry making even more as a way to combat long evenings. In 2009 she decided to try selling her jewelry at a few shows, and Silver Teardrops was born. In 2010, she moved to Portland to be closer to family.

For several years Peggy continued to work full-time in sales, and make jewelry on the side to sell at festivals and craft shows. But she was drawn to jewelry design, tapping into her creative side that she truly enjoyed, but never had enough time to explore. In 2013, she said good-bye to her corporate job, and focused her time and energy on Silver Teardrops.

Her move to Portland also reignited her passion for the coast of Maine, and she often would be found hunting for sea glass up and down the coast. Soon she was incorporating sea glass in her jewelry designs.  

Bill Housley, Woodturning

After spending 50 years practicing cosmetic dentistry and creating smiles retirement arrived reluctantly but the creative spirit remained. Now instead of working with enamel and porcelain I’m creating in wood. Oddly enough wood is less forgiving than enamel and porcelain. I love it……!!

Bill Housley, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., M.A.G.D.

Nancy Fitch – Stained Glass Artist

I grew up in Chicago surrounded by stained glass windows at our neighborhood church.

Learning stained glass was a way for me to be a stay at home mom when my children were small. I have been working in stained glass for 40 years.I created whimsical and traditional stained glass windows inspired by nature. Nancy Fitch - Treehouse Glass Studio

Kevin Winsor -Maine Guide Woodworks

Kevin, a resident of Bethel, began his fine furniture and home wares woodworking about 20 years ago. As a register Maine Guide, he has a special connection to the outdoors, particularity the rivers of Maine that he has enjoyed fly fishing for many years. As a wood worker, Kevin is self- taught, and his designs are inspired by the beauty and character of the wood he works with. Every piece marries traditional hand- crafted skill and clean, sculptured lines that will bring unique style to your home.

Nancy Badger: Conscious Creator, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner,

Artist, Nature Enthusiast

Rainbows have always delighted me! As I became more aware of the Universal Law of Vibration through my energy healing work, I realized rainbow energy is a high and beneficial vibrational frequency. We are all energetic beings. And we have the ability to influence our own energy.

High vibrations like Love, Laughter, Wellness, Sunshine, and Flowers Feels good!

Lower vibrations like Discord, Sadness, Dark Clouds, and Wilted Flowers not so much!

I create these beautiful and unique Home and Garden Jewels with love and the intention of bringing healing and happiness into your home and garden to assist with raising your energy and vibration. Placed where sunlight will capture them, your eyes will delight at the sight of dancing, shimmering rainbow patterns sure to put a smile on your face and in your heart!

Donna Marie Seim, Author

Creative story telling is my passion and that is why I write. I am inspired by interesting people who become my characters, enchanting places that become my settings as well as ordinary and mind boggling events from the past and the present. I love to see my stories come alive with the delightful illustrations by Susan Spellman. The background settings of my stories range from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to quintessential New England, bustling city life and stunning countryside.



I’m a recovering IT professional, who retired to play in the mud. Now I make a variety of pots: mugs, vases, bowls, casseroles, and whatever I feel like doing at the moment. I use primarily white stoneware with a bit of porcelain mixed in. I got my training at Portland Pottery, Maine, and still take classes and use their glazes and kiln. Never hurts to learn a new thing or two. I sell my wares at Full Circle Gallery, the Portland farmers market, and a few shows throughout the year.


When I was 9 years old, my father bought me my first power saw; a table jig saw. By the time I was 16 I had a complete woodworking shop In my parents basement. While I was in school, I worked vacations and weekends for my father in the cabinetmaking shop started by my grandfather in 1898. I attended Roanoke College, The Boston Architectural Center, and The Univ. of Colorado. In 1970, after 4 years in the U.S. Air Force, Working at Norad Headquarters in the Intelligence Dept., I rejoined my father at his Cabinetmaking Shop. We mainly did custom interiors and kitchens for architects and interior decorators as well as some commercial businesses. In the early 1980's, I did consulting work for Time Life Books on their Home Improvement series. In 1987 my wife and I decided to leave the Boston area and move to New Hampshire. I downsized the business and now work alone. We lived in Wolfeboro N.H. for 30 years, but now live in Tuftonboro N.H. I specialize in making reproduction banjo clocks, Shaker furniture, oval boxes, and coin banks, as well as some custom work. Last summer my Curtis and Dunning Banjo Clock won third place at the yearly National Clock Convention. My wife and I have a daughter Sarah who lives in Auburn Maine, and a son Matthew who lives in Vence France. 

Amy Richardson – Jewelry Designer

Designami jewelry and the Seasons of Maine line is a piece of Maine's beauty captured in jewelry. This line is inspired by nature and the colors of Maine's four seasons from the flowers blooming in the spring, to the picturesque coastline, the foliage colors of the fall, and the Maine woods. These Maine keepsakes are a perfect souvenir or gift for that "homesick Mainer". This product line developed by Artist, Amy Richardson launched in 2015 and is carried in several retail stores in Maine and New Hampshire. What started as a hobby making jewelry grew into a full time business with pieces of Maine travelling across the country and some parts of the world


I began working as a self-employed Artist in 1997. I have always been drawn to mother nature to inspire me whether it was carving and painting eggs, painting on feathers, bark, leaves with acrylic paints. I have a deep love of birds as my favorite subject matter. Most recently a love of botanical printing and making of natural dyes and printing with leaves and flowers onto various fabrics has called to me…. I think it is safe to say that nature nurtures me.

Roberta Emerson – Painting

Been painting about 20 years, self taught with videos and books. I love flowers , nature, and ALL holidays!!

Leighanne Weeks – Woodcrafts

I am a 60 something woman who has always loved the natural beauty of the environment. Now that I am close to retirement I wanted something to retire to. So a few years ago I cleaned up my husband's unused work shop and started doing some scroll saw work. One thing led to another and I am constantly learning new things to make. My passion is working with God's beautiful creation-- flowers, rocks and especially trees! I love the sweet smell of wood, the variety of colors, the feel of the grain beneath my fingertips and the versatility of it. It's been quite an adventure! And a productive one too!

Tonia Hennessey – Mixed Media

A few years ago I decided it was about time I painted an unfinished piece of furniture I had that had been unfinished for too long. I used paint that I had on hand. Some of it was old some was new. I was so thrilled with the finish product! It sparked something in me that kept growing.

I love color and lots of it!! I have a hard time leaving empty spaces. I work with acrylic and chalk paints. I decoupage with fabric and paper. My mediums include furniture and furnishings. It’s exciting to take something old and used turning it into something wonderful and new. Each piece is unique with its own spirit.  

Susan Peterson – Tawanda Jewelry Designs

I have been designing and manufacturing jewelry for over thirty years. I find inspiration for my original designs in the love for precious and semi-precious stones, discovering ways to highlight them in pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Pam Pinault – Mixed Media

Many years ago, I attended college with the goal of becoming an art therapist. I played with a lot of different mediums and styles, loved all of them, but the degree eluded me. The love of art remained.

Art to me is like breathing. In a way, it is an expression of my life, and is my second language. The best part is when someone else relates to what I’ve made, and wants to bring it home. That is truly a joyful day!

Catherine Putzier has been studying art for almost 65years. She considers herself a process artist as she finds many different ways to express herself through encaustic (painting with beeswax), oil and cold wax, alcohol inks, acrylics, pastel and watercolor. She is inspired by the character of each medium.

She started studying art in elementary school in Vermont with Flora Zimmerman and Ruth Frazure. Over the years she has made several trips to the major museums of Washington DC, New York City, Sante Fe, New Mexico, Sedona Arizona, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Montreal Canada. Formal training was at the University of Vermont for classes in basic drawing, design and color relationships. She also took instruction in pastel classes in Burlington, Vermont from Jeannean Lunne of New York. She attended workshops at Brandywine, Pennsylvania with The Artist Magazine and a watercolor workshop with Tom Lynch. While in Florida she studied pastels with Elsa Marini and at New Smyrna art League with Barbara Colter Baldwin. She is a past president of the West Volusia Artist Inc. in Deland, Florida. She now works out of her studio space in Jericho VT and occasionally teaches classes on the process of a medium.

Catherine is represented by The Milton Artists Guild in Milton, Vermont, The Old Mill Gallery and Gift Shop in Jericho VT and the Full Circle Artisans Gallery in Cornish, Maine.

Martha Chessie – Fiber artist & basket weaver

Rarely passing a resale shop, the search is always on for wool sweaters for repurposed mittens or interesting handles for baskets. Martha has been teaching basketweaving and repurposed sweater mittens through Adult ed programs and summer festivals for nearly three decades. Martha may also be found selling at various galleries and fairs throughout Maine, NH, and Vermont where her creativity began!

Marciana Teegan - Painting

A Limington resident since 1976 I enjoy traveling with family and friends . After returning to Maine I strive to capture the moments that reflect the celebration of life in the places and people we meet along the way on canvas. I hope to express and honor the moments of connection with kindred spirits, (be it a few moments in time, or a lifetime relationship )with acrylic paint on canvas.  

Karen Journay – Mixed media wearable art

When I was a kid, I could always hear my sister downstairs telling my mom in the morning…"wait until you see WHAT SHE’S GOT ON TODAY!” I was always experimenting with color combinations. Turns out, I was good at it. I have spent over 50 years employed as a graphic artist and have been part owner of a NH Marketing and Design firm for 40 years. Now, semi-retired, I continue to play with color by creating fun, colorful Rare Birds pins…which I see my sister wearing often.

Douglas Brown – Brownscapes stone creations

"Career stone mason Douglas Brown of Brownfield Maine has always been know for his touch of artistry in his stone work indoor and out. Recently, Douglas has been shifting his focus to his true passion which is the stone art he creates. He been collecting materials all over New England to create pieces of art from reclaimed and recycled materials with stone as his medium. Every material is hand selected and salvaged with care and purpose. He is excited to finally share his work with everyone as well as, create custom art to order."

Julia Wyper – Jewelry Design

I have loved glass for as long as I can remember. I took a stained glass class in high school and went on to create glass pieces long after. I have collected sea glass since I was a little girl and decided a few years back to see what I could make from some of those pieces.

Making jewelry out of glass, stones, and sand I have collected in and around the lakes and oceans I have traveled to inspired me to share these pieces with others. I started out making gifts for family and friends that carry a story or meaning with each piece.

Jewelry to me carries a story. Whether it's the strength I draw from wearing my grandmother's wedding ring or the family trip I remember when I look at a piece I purchased in my travels. I want to create something that brings the wearer joy and memories of people they love and places they enjoy.

Nancy Sandreauter – Fiber Artist

I have been running a business for 33 years, as a testing laboratory for the paper and printing industry. I purchased an embroidery/sewing machine and resurrected my sewing hobby when my first granddaughter was born. This began a journey that, now that I am retired, has turned into a passion.

I grew up in Maine, and still summer there at our family cottage. My inspiration came from my Dad, who was always doing some sort of craft project. He was a carpenter by trade, but loved to paint, macrame, cross stitch and using his woodworking skills to create things like picture frames, and ornaments for the yard.

Dad was always inspired by a need. Need a birdhouse? Build one. Need a giant 5-foot star for the house at Christmas? Build one. That the way I approach sewing and creating gifts. Rather than looking for fabric for a specific sewing project, If I see a fabric that I love, then I create something for it, and this thought process has evolved into creating personalized gifts that will have meaning to the recipient. I recently began quilting and offer long arm services as well.

Ann Williams – Mixed Media Fiber Artist

I am always drawn to color, texture and whimsey so my favorite place is where they collide with fiber, paint and stitch. I love finding colors and fibers that want to play together.

I studied life drawing, painting, print making and sculpture at The Ohio State University and with a variety of private teachers. I continue to study and experiment in my studio in Lovell Maine.

My work is exhibited at Gallery 302 in Bridgton, Full Circle Gallery in Cornish and Harvest Gold Gallery in Lovell.


As a self-taught artist I endeavor to harness the universal language of color. My background in somatic therapy led me to appreciate the communicative impact of every creative process, both for the artist and for the viewer. I believe that each painting I produce speaks a message that can continue to speak every time it is viewed. It is my intention to release the colors of peace, joy, hope, and even love, in a way that causes others to look for and receive inspiration from the creator of all good things. In our busy and often stressful lives it is essential that we learn to feed our spirit with beauty.

My work is created with meditative practice in mind. Take a moment and let your eyes soak in the colors you see before you. Let them fill your spirit as you quiet your thoughts and release your cares. Each painting you purchase includes an aromatherapy meditation oil that I have blended to enhance your viewing experience. Your sense of smell has a memory! Simply apply the oil to your pulse points during your viewing and then throughout the day to continue experiencing the joys of color.


Sally Pollard is a mixed media artist who grew up in Marshfield, Massachusetts, but now lives, loves, works and plays in the White Mountains. An obsession with fibers and textures, old barns, rusty metal, history, anthropology, patterns in nature and spirit have morphed her work into mixed media pieces with further dimension. She believes in the power of biophelia, and wants for everyone to have artwork around them that calms, comforts, inspires or motivates them, or simply helps them to connect with fellow humanity and the natural world around them. "Your surroundings should nourish your soul..."

Ann Poitras Art

I am a self-taught artist, although certain that my family genes gave me an advantage, have an Uncle who was very talented landscape artist!  Living in the great State of Maine where there are many beautiful scenes of inspiration to breathe in is also a plus! 

Early into my teens I began sketching the beautiful coast lines and farmlands of Prince Edward Island Canada as we embark on many trips there to visit family. The beautiful colors of nature really inspired me to continue my journey into the art world. From there I went off on a few tangents, painting a race car or two, and signs for the local Little League Ballfield. In high school I was fully engrossed to my art studies and earned awards for the highest ranking arts student three years in a row. I kept up with my for a few years school but put all that aside as I became engrossed in my career as a Purchasing Agent for various large companies.  Marriage, two beautiful sons and  a busy career soon took over my future decades. Fast forward to today, I have recently retired and turned back to my favorites creating artwork in my insatiable love a flowers. Although I can work in many mediums and styles I’m currently having fun with alcohol inks.